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Deep Creek Lake is the perfect vacation destination for people looking to travel with their dogs. We consider our pets part of the family, so why leave them behind? Booking a dog-friendly rental home is the ideal solution – don’t leave your furry friend back home at boarding facility, let him/her experience the fun activities at Deep Creek Lake along with you! With quiet streets, pet-friendly businesses, a wide open lake and miles of hiking trails, Deep Creek, Maryland is a dog’s heaven on earth.

From dog-friendly chalets to charming cabins, Deep Creek rental options for pet owners are easier to find than ever. Every dog will have a special amenity bag waiting for them at check-in, filled with a doggie treat, mess bags, and a Deep Creek dog tag in case your best friend wanders a little too far from “home.” Your dog will feel right at home with doggie food dishes and a placemat for them to use during their stay – guests don’t have to lug their dogs bowls with them to Deep Creek Lake! We just ask that you leave the bowls for the next furry visitor to enjoy.

Exploring Deep Creek with your dog can be as easy as grabbing a bite to eat at one of the many local pet friendly restaurants around Deep Creek Lake. Start off with a cup of coffee at Trader’s coffee House. They feature outdoor leash connectors and a dog bowl for their morning drink. Lunch and dinner are also easy at several restaurants including The Crab Shack, Smiley’s Fun Zone, Mountain State Brewery, and more.

Deep Creek and Garrett County are known for our multitude of state parks that feature fantastic hiking trails, sure to please any four-legged friend. Don’t forget that Deep Creek Lake is also swimmable! For the natural swimmer in your dog, head down to the water’s edge for a refreshing dip, or bring your dog on the boat for a refreshing day on the lake.


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Dog Tales


Deep Creek Lake Winter Trails and Tails

Hey four-legged friends! My name is Camden and I am a local Deep Creek Lake pooch. Let me tell you: this is one great place to be a dog! I spend my summers splashing around the lake, swimming and running along sandy beaches. Falls are spent tearing through the fall foliage and rolling across the leaves. And let’s not forget my mom’s favorite: spring, where I am coated in mud 24-7. But, winters are my absolute favorite time to be a dog at Deep Creek! There is nothing I love more than making fresh trails in the snow, rolling about, digging my snout in the snow. See? Dog Friendly But, sometimes, my mom struggles to find places to take me on snowy days. So, I’ve taken the time to make a list of my favorite winter walks for local pups and vacationing dogs alike! I want to make sure all us dogs have plenty of opportunities to hurdle through the snow this winter. We deserve it!
  1. Fork Run Recreational Area Trails- Confession time: I get a bad case of “the zooms” when the snow starts falling. I just want to run and run and run; my coat is built for cold weather! The hiking trails at Fork Run feature nearly ten miles of trails for those days when I really need to let loose. The Fork Run Trails are great because it tends to stay pretty quiet so it really feels like my own private playground! When it’s real chilly, we always choose to walk one of the starting loops. The best part of these trails is how easy it is to loop back and head home if our feet get too cold!
  1. Deep Creek Lake State Park- I love driving in the car and the ride to Deep Creek Lake State Park is as easy as could be! My mom doesn’t even have to worry about the weather, as this state park is easily assessable, even when the roads are snowy. Plus, I am always welcome along any of the trails here, so we can mix up the route whenever we want!
  1. Dog Park and Off-Leash Dog Run at Bumble Bee Road Park- I’ve been known to have a little more energy than my mom. Especially in the winter, sometimes I think she does not even wanted to be dragged out for a long foray into the woods. Her winter coat isn’t quite as fluffy as mine, I guess! That’s when we decide to head to the Dog Park and Off-Leash Dog Run at Bumble Bee Road Park. There is a nice dog walking path as well as separate fenced areas for small dogs and larger breeds. My mom loves watching me run around with all the other Deep Creek dogs!
Happy trails! I can’t wait to see you out there!
  • Camden
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Deep Creek Pet Friendly

It’s Hot Downstate!

Have you ever wondered where ‘downstate’ begins?   The answers vary from ‘other side of the pass’ to ‘east of Cumberland.’ I suspect the true answer is closer to the intersection of I68 and 219. Garrett County folk have a deep understanding that they share a large slice of Maryland heaven. It doesn’t take many days in the mountains to realize that time spent ‘downstate’ is just a necessary distraction from cool, fresh air, long hikes, and evening boat rides. This time of the year, downstate is down right sweltering and the hot air is due to more than simply an over abundance of politicians. Even as I write this blog, the Air quality warning is alternating with the local pollen alert on my weather app and while the temperature is merely 91 degrees, the weather.com guru has posted that it feels like a stifling 106 degrees. (How do they even know that?)
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HART for Animals

dog friendly deep creek lake Love animals? We do as well and THIS THURSDAY EVENING, your friends at Railey Mountain Lake Vacations will be guest bartending at the Harbor Bar at Dutch’s to raise money for HART for Animals, our local Garret County animal rescue organization. Join us lakeside from 6:00 to 9:00pm as our fun-loving owner Nancy Railey and the ever-popular Jeremy Bittner, manager of Wisp O’ The Willow and Suites at Silver Tree serve up your favorite concoction, all to benefit HART for Animals.