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5 Reasons Your Dog Wants to Have Lunch at Uno Pizzeria & Grill at Deep Creek Lake

Finally! The warm weather is here at Deep Creek Lake! The hot sunrays are shining down on the lake to melt away the ice. The songbirds are singing their melodies to let all know that summer is near. Warmer weather means time for a getaway, a getaway for the whole family!

Deep Creek Lake wants everyone in your family to have a great time during your next vacation, even your pooch! That is why many local restaurants and attractions tailor their operations with your dog in mind. Here are the 5 Reasons Your Dog Wants to Have Lunch at Uno Pizzeria & Grill.

  1. Dock and Dine – Uno offers a convenient “dock and dine” service. This means you have direct access to the restaurant’s walkway from the lake! No need to go back to your rental home, get everyone in the car, and drive to Uno, just pull the boat up to the dock!
  2. Open Lawn –of course WE love long boat rides on the cool blue water, but when we’re soaking up the sun and letting the wind comb through our hair, our furry friends can only do so much. That is why when you pull up to the docks at Uno, tails start wagging when they see the green grass! Uno offers a large area of open lawn where you can continue your sun bathing, while your best friend can exhaust some built up energy.
  3. Games – who doesn’t love an afternoon full of games? I know your four legged friends do! With the open area of Uno’s lawn, there is plenty of room for a good game of catch or frisbee. Uno even provides corn hole boards and a playground for the rest of the family to enjoy.
  4. Honi- Honi’s Live Music – okay, maybe your furry friends can’t get up and dance to the music, but they are sure to love the crowd it brings! During the warmer months, the Honi-Honi Bar (Uno’s outside bar) offers live music every weekend and sometimes through the week. And where there is music, there are people, and where there are people there are more dogs! This is a great opportunity to let your best friend meet other dogs that are on vacation too!
  5. Lakefront Views– whether you’ve spent your day exploring the beautiful mountains or behind the steering wheel of a speedboat, it’s always relaxing to sit down and take in the beautiful scenery of the lake. Uno offers one of the best lakefront views in the area. Sit down by the docks at one of the benches and watch your pooch play in the water while cooling off.

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