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Calling all K-9’s,

I have to make this quick because my parents are down by the water covering up the boat, but boy do I have stories to tell you! My family and I just arrived at Deep Creek Lake two days ago and my tail hasn’t stopped wagging since! This place makes car rides seem as fun as a trip to the vet! Speaking of car rides, it’s not too far from where most of you dig. Deep Creek Lake is about 3 hours from Baltimore and 2 hours from Pittsburgh. Max, I know you’ve been talking about getting away from that annoying neighbor cat, and Sammy, who wouldn’t need a vacation after the addition to the family? I’m telling you guys, you’ve got to check this place out!


Earlier today we went to the park. Not the flat, boring park we’re used to in the city, but a state park with miles of trails to explore! My nose was going crazy from all the new scents! It’s called Herrington Manor State Park, so you need to check it out when you visit.

And Yesterday! I felt like the luckiest pup ever! I got to lie on the front of the kayak while dad took me around to show me all the coves of Deep Creek Lake. Later that evening, we traveled to a restaurant by boat! I didn’t have to wait in the car or get tied to the dreaded bike rack; I was allowed to eat with the family! I never want to leave this place!

So what are you waiting for? Get to Deep Creek Lake! I don’t care if you have to doggy paddle, just get here! We’re leaving on Saturday, but I heard the family planning our next stay already! …here they come, I got to go!


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