Deep Creek Lake Winter Trails and Tails

Hey four-legged friends!

My name is Camden and I am a local Deep Creek Lake pooch. Let me tell you: this is one great place to be a dog! I spend my summers splashing around the lake, swimming and running along sandy beaches. Falls are spent tearing through the fall foliage and rolling across the leaves. And let’s not forget my mom’s favorite: spring, where I am coated in mud 24-7.

But, winters are my absolute favorite time to be a dog at Deep Creek! There is nothing I love more than making fresh trails in the snow, rolling about, digging my snout in the snow. See?

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Blog from a Dog!

Calling all K-9’s,

I have to make this quick because my parents are down by the water covering up the boat, but boy do I have stories to tell you! My family and I just arrived at Deep Creek Lake two days ago and my tail hasn’t stopped wagging since! This place makes car rides seem as fun as a trip to the vet! Speaking of car rides, it’s not too far from where most of you dig.

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Dog Activities

5 Reasons Your Dog Wants to Have Lunch at Uno Pizzeria & Grill at Deep Creek Lake

Finally! The warm weather is here at Deep Creek Lake! The hot sunrays are shining down on the lake to melt away the ice. The songbirds are singing their melodies to let all know that summer is near. Warmer weather means time for a getaway, a getaway for the whole family!

Deep Creek Lake wants everyone in your family to have a great time during your next vacation, even your pooch! That is why many local restaurants and attractions tailor their operations with your dog in mind. Here are the 5 Reasons Your Dog Wants to Have Lunch at Uno Pizzeria & Grill.

  1. Dock and Dine – Uno offers a convenient “dock and dine” service. This means you have direct access to the restaurant’s walkway from the lake! No need to go back to your rental home, get everyone in the car, and drive to Uno, just pull the boat up to the dock!
  2. Open Lawn –of course WE love long boat rides on the cool blue water, but when we’re soaking up the sun and letting the wind comb through our hair, our furry friends can only do so much. That is why when you pull up to the docks at Uno, tails start wagging when they see the green grass! Uno offers a large area of open lawn where you can continue your sun bathing, while your best friend can exhaust some built up energy.
  3. Games – who doesn’t love an afternoon full of games? I know your four legged friends do! With the open area of Uno’s lawn, there is plenty of room for a good game of catch or frisbee. Uno even provides corn hole boards and a playground for the rest of the family to enjoy.
  4. Honi- Honi’s Live Music – okay, maybe your furry friends can’t get up and dance to the music, but they are sure to love the crowd it brings! During the warmer months, the Honi-Honi Bar (Uno’s outside bar) offers live music every weekend and sometimes through the week. And where there is music, there are people, and where there are people there are more dogs! This is a great opportunity to let your best friend meet other dogs that are on vacation too!
  5. Lakefront Views– whether you’ve spent your day exploring the beautiful mountains or behind the steering wheel of a speedboat, it’s always relaxing to sit down and take in the beautiful scenery of the lake. Uno offers one of the best lakefront views in the area. Sit down by the docks at one of the benches and watch your pooch play in the water while cooling off.
Dog Friendly Deep Creek

Dog Days of Summer at Deep Creek Lake

Pick up your pooch and hit the lake this summer! Deep Creek Lake is a major dog friendly destination, so you don’t have to leave man or woman’s best friend behind while you enjoy everything the lake has to offer!

A recent addition to the wonderful Deep Creek Lake community has been the newly constructed HART for Animals Center. This tremendous new center offers many luxuries that cater to your pups and old friends alike!

Recently, in February of 2014, the center opened the Bredel Veterinary Care Center, a full service clinic, theBed ‘n Bark Inn, a pet hotel so that your pet can enjoy a stay at Deep Creek Lake even if your vacation rental isn’t dog friendly, the Head to Tails Salon, where your puppy can be pampered like the king or queen he or she really is, and the HART Shoppe, a modern store with a great lineup of basic puppy essentials! All four of these operations in the new HART for Animals Center are a tremendous asset to pet owners looking to escape to Deep Creek Lake!

Don’t forget to check regulations before you bring your four-legged friends to the Deep Creek Lake State Park! This park and many others have seasonal restrictions on pet admittance, and many don’t allow dogs until later in the summer.

Don’t fret though, as there are numerous activities you and your best friend can enjoy! There are several trails and hiking paths that provide great exercise for you and your dog. Year-round access to the Browning, Beckman, and Garrett Camp loops and several other locations near Deep Creek Lake are great opportunities for a little exercise for your pooch.

That’s not all! As you’ll see, Deep Creek Lake is an incredibly dog-friendly destination that is well-known for its consideration for dogs. There are many dog friendly vacation rentals available to book for your summer vacation to Deep Creek, and many local restaurants that welcome dogs with open arms as well!

Some of the local restaurants that cater to our four-legged friends are The Crab Shack, Sorellee’s Pizza Pub, Lakeside Creamery, Archie’s Barbeque, and Trader’s Coffee House, which even has a canine hitching post! Check out Deep Creek Lake’s nearly endless pet owner perks, and be sure to check out the many dog friendly rentals available at Dog Friendly Deep Creek.

Dog Friendly Fall and Winter at Deep Creek

Dog Friendly Fall and Winter at Deep Creek

Fall and winter are a great time to visit Deep Creek with your furry friend! After Labor Day, most of the surrounding state parks relax their dog policies a bit so that it’s easier to hike and enjoy the beautiful surroundings with your pup.

At Deep Creek Lake State Park, dogs are allowed in the day use areas and in the lake after Labor Day through Memorial Day. The only part of the lake where dogs are not allowed is the sandy swimming beach area. All year long, pets are allowed on the trails, the Browning, Beckman, and Garrett Camp loops, and in the Discovery Center parking lot for access to the hiking trails. Your dog will a enjoy fun workout on the variety of hiking trails that run through Deep Creek Lake State Park, and they can cool their paws off in the lake afterwards. A dog’s dream!

The incredibly scenic Swallow Falls State Park opens up all of its day use areas to dogs after Labor Day through Memorial Day weekend.  The park contains Maryland’s tallest free falling waterfall, Muddy Creek Falls, as well as unique rock formations along the Youghiogheny River. A must see! Dogs are also allowed on the scenic 5 ½ mile trail from Swallow Falls to Herrington Manor. This beautiful trail runs on an old logging road and follows a stream most of the way. You’ll find Hemlock and Rhododendrons and a variety of wildlife. Dogs love the soft pine and dirt trail and the swimming holes, perfect for a doggie drink and cool down.

If you’re missing the warm days of summer and your dog is starting to whine from lack of daily exercise, Deep Creek Lake is the perfect fall or winter escape for you and your pup. Head out to the state parks, breathe in the fresh air, and hit the trails.

Dog Friendly Summer Events at Deep Creek Lake!

Dog Friendly Summer Events at Deep Creek Lake!

Date: May 11, 2013
Location: Wisp Resort

Event : Paddling For Paws Paddleboard Race
Time: 9am
Location: Deep Creek Lake State Park

Classes & Fee
Childrens Race – Free Admission
5K or 10K – $45 event fee (pre-registration)
– Onsite day of event- $55 event fee –

5 K race – under 12.6
5 K race – 12.6
5 K race 14
10K race under 12.6
10K race 12.6
10K race 14
10K race legends(50+) open

Eastern Regional Championships
McHenry MD 2013 

06/27/2013 – 06/30/2013
Hosted by: DockDogs Worldwide  |  National Sportsmen’s Series

DockDogs is a fun, performance sport for dogs.  DockDogs Events are held Regionally, Nationally and Internationally.  Most DockDogs Competitions are comprised of four contests;  ‘BIG AIR’, ‘EXTREME VERTICAL’ (EV), ‘SPEED RETRIEVE’ and ‘IRON DOG’.  Anyone can come out, register his or her dog and have a good time.  We will track every official jump of all competitors in all our events.  Handlers must be 7 years of age or older and able to control their pet safely.  DockDogs events are not limited to certain breeds. Any breed, from the smallest Chihuahua to the largest Great Dane is welcome.
Any breed…any size…6-months or older.

Event DetailsEvent Format
Outdoor Big Air®, Extreme Vertical™ & Speed Retrieve™, Iron Dog

Deep Creek Weekend Rentals … Especially for Dogs

Deep Creek Weekend Rentals … Especially for Dogs

It’s officially spring! Now is a great time to plan a spring getaway for the whole family- even the dog!

Deep Creek Lake has lots to offer your four-legged friend during the spring months. With several large state parks in the area all offering dog friendly hiking trails, you and your dog can enjoy the great outdoors! One of our favorite pet friendly hikes is the 5½ mile trail at Swallow Falls State Park. Your pet may even feel inclined to splash around at Muddy Creek Falls.

As the weather continues to warm up, a variety of local restaurants and bars allow for dogs in their outdoor seating areas. So if you just feel like relaxing over a nice meal, your dog can also enjoy the fresh air.
Visitors can rent a dog friendly boat from Silver Tree Marina and tour around the lake. Before venturing out, be sure that your pet is comfortable riding in a boat. Some dogs need time to get their “sea legs.”

Whatever outdoor activities you choose to enjoy with your pet, Railey has some great spring savings on our dog friendly rental properties now through May 15th. Receive three nights for the price of two and up to $800 off your reservation!*

*Restrictions apply. Participating properties only, not combinable with other discounts/promotions and is not retroactive, dates are subject to change, not valid on holidays

Winter fun with your dog at Deep Creek Lake!

Winter fun with your dog at Deep Creek Lake!

When it’s time for a winter weekend away there is no need to leave your dog behind! Book your dog friendly deep creek lake rental today and take advantage of our ski free stay free package and receive three nights for the price of two on your rental home and lift tickets.*

Although you can’t bring your dog out on the slopes check out the state park page for a great attraction you and your dog are welcome to visit any time of year! Don’t forget to keep a few things in mind when it comes to the cold temperatures though: dogs can lose their sent quickly in the snow so make sure to keep your pooch on a leash at all times and wipe your pets down after being out in the snow to prevent them from ingesting salt and other potentially dangerous chemicals.

Come enjoy all that Deep Creek Lake has to offer this winter with the whole family!


*Participating properties only, not valid during holidays, not combinable with other discounts/promotions and is not retroactive.

Tips for Pet Owners this Halloween

Tips for Pet Owners this Halloween

Your pet may not know it, but it’s almost that time of year again – dress up day, or as we humans call it, Halloween. There seems to be a rising trend among pet owners to bring the family pet in on the fun. From superheros to princesses, the transformations can be hysterical. A Boston Terrier Chia Pet? A Chihuahua diva? According to the National Retail Federation, consumers are expected to spend $370 million this year to dress up their four-legged friends this Halloween. That’s up $40 million over last year.


If you plan to outfit your furry friend this year, keep a few things in mind:

  • Before the big day, let your pet wear his or her costume for short periods of time to get used to it. Make any adjustments to elastics, ties, loose pieces or restrictive parts ahead of time.
  • Don’t leave your pet unattended while wearing his or her costume. Some animals are not comfortable with any clothing touching them. They may become stressed and chew their costume. Ingested pieces can lead to choking or stomach upset.
  • Be aware of your pet’s mood, he or she night not be up for all the excitement on the 31st. Some pets would rather stay home and nap while leaving the trick or treating to you.
  • And remember, no candy or chocolate! It can be toxic to your pet. For more information on how to keep your pet safe this Halloween, the ASPCA has a list of the Top 10 Safety Tips for Pet Parents.

And don’t forget to take pictures! Here’s one of our very own Fletcher and Roscoe.